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Membership resignation

The nature of TFN membership

TFN membership is free of charge, for life.  It gives you decisionmaking rights at TFN general meetings.  It lets you vote in elections for TFN's board of directors.  It lets you run for office yourself.  Membership is a prerequisite to obtaining TFN services but it is separate from any TFN service which you may be using.

How to stop being a member

To become a member, you fill a form and show proof of identity.  Similarly, to stop being a member, you write a letter of resignation and identify yourself.  We want to be sure that the resignation really came from you, and not from someone impersonating you.

Below is a sample membership resignation letter.  You only need to change the name, member ID, and address.  Please print it and sign it.  Or write it by hand, if that's easier.

To resign in person

Bring your resignation letter to the TFN office.  Have some ID with you.  If the person who receives you is uncertain of who you are, they will ask for proof of identity, same as when you joined the corporation.

To resign by phone

If you tell a TFN office person, by phone, that you are resigning, and they are certain of who you are, then you can send your resignation letter by postal mail, instead of coming in person.

Sample letter

John Q. Member (member aa123)
1 Any St Apt 3
Toronto ON A0A 101

Corporate secretary
Toronto Free-Net Inc.
406-600 Bay St
Toronto ON  M5G 1M6


Dear sir/madam:

I hereby resign my membership in Toronto Free-Net Inc. (TFN), per by-law 1, clause 7, and release TFN from all obligation and liability towards me.

I understand that, by withdrawing from TFN, I will no longer have access to the paid and free-of-charge services which TFN offers to its members and I will no longer be allowed to participate in TFN member-only activities.

Respectfully Yours,



John Q. Member

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