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Supported technologies

TFN services go beyond those of other Internet providers.  This page summarizes technical details for users with specialized requirements (and for those who are simply curious).  For information in plainer language, please see the list of access level descriptions and the price list.

for email:

for WWW:

for Usenet news:

NB: currently, dialup users must make their own arrangements, whether paid or free, to gain access to Usenet.  TFN is only able to provide Usenet access for DSL users.

to upload & download personal files and webspace files:

to access to TFN-supplied text-only programs:

other Internet services:

People using PPP can, of course, use any Internet protocol.  Dialup non-PPP users are currently limited to the functions supplied by TFN's BBS (Bulletin Board System) software: WWW, email, Usenet (assuming you make your own access arrangements), and upload/download.

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