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Lecture registration
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Most lectures get announced with a tentative status.  They get firmed-up upon attracting sufficient interest to justify the effort and expense.  They get canceled if the announcement attracts too little interest.  They get rescheduled if a majority of those interested say that they cannot attend on the proposed date.

Free of charge but RSVP required

All single-evening lectures are offered free of charge.  Donations are always welcome; look for the donation jar when you arrive.

To attend a lecture, you must inform the TFN office of your interest.  This is because space is often limited and also because TFN cancels lectures that fail to attract an audience.

Lecture status codes

The following status codes are used in the lecture schedule:

T (Tentative)
Not enough people have yet indicated interest in the lecture.  If it interests you, please inform the TFN office, to help firm-up the lecture's status.  If too few people express interest, the lecture will be canceled.
O (Ok)
A sufficient number of people have expressed interest.  Speaker and room booking have been confirmed.  The lecture will occur as originally announced.
F (Full)
The number of people who have indicated their firm intention to attend has reached the capacity of the room that was booked for the lecture, so no space remains for additional participants.  However, if enough additional people express interest, TFN may switch the lecture to a larger room or may arrange a repetition of the lecture.
P (Postponed)
The lecture will be offered but not as originally proposed.  The date shown is no longer valid.  A new date has not yet been set.
R (Rescheduled)
The lecture has been confirmed but the date shown isn't the one that was originally announced.  If you were interested in attending this lecture, take note of the new date.  If you haven't yet done so, be sure to call the TFN office to reserve your seat.
C (Canceled)
The lecture was canceled.  There are no plans to reschedule it.

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