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No classes are scheduled during the months of January, August, and September, nor during the last 2 weeks of May.  Courses break during those periods, and resume subsequently.

Enrolling & payment

To enrol in a course, contact the TFN office.  Please add 13% HST to all prices.  Course fees are due when you enrol.  Any payment method available at TFN can be used.

Cancellations & refunds

Cost of materials

TFN strives to minimize your costs.  However, some courses require books or other materials which you may have to obtain separately.  Such additional costs are always listed in the course catalog.  Sometimes it is possible to purchase the materials at a low price from TFN.

Tiered rates

Some courses are offered at reduced rates, even free of charge, depending on your relationship to TFN.  The fee at each tier is shown in the course's catalog entry.

The tiers are defined as follows:

vol — active volunteers

An active volunteer (often shortened to "volunteer") is one who either:

  • performs a role of responsibility at TFN that requires ongoing commitment.
  • has not committed to specific TFN responsibilities or hours but has helped-out for 12 or more hours during the past month or, on average, 12 or more hours per month over the past 3 months.

See volunteering.

Bm — Basic members

"Basic" is the name of the service that is provided free of charge to all TFN members.  Basic members are those who receive only that service.

pm — paying members

Paying members are those who subscribe to a TFN telephone or Internet service that is not free of charge.

nm — non-members
You are a TFN member if you have completed the membership application procedure.  I.e. if you filled the membership form and provided proof of identity.  Otherwise, non-member pricing applies to you.

Please also consider donating

TFN courses are offered at low prices to help bring them within reach of everyone in the community.  Whether your participation level at TFN enables you to receive a course free of charge or requires you to pay full price, please consider also donating if you can.  You can include a donation with a payment or you can make a stand-alone donation.  There is also a donation jar on the front desk, for your convenience.

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